Mentoring or Independence your choice

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Your success is  everything.  The complex details you provide clients create fun, memorable trips and experiences.  

Be part of a network of travel professionals who specialize in various niches of the travel industry.  Compared to larger travel hosts, your advantages are  one- to-one relationships developed with travel suppliers.  As an independent contractor you have the freedom to build your business your way.  No restrictions on how to market and where to market.  Build your reputation as the best go-to travel professional ever. 

Are you experienced?  Do you prefer autonomy ? Do you want to work with good  travel resources? Entrepreneurs are welcomed.  Access one of the best consortia's on the West Coast  Get competitive commissions, exclusive client offers, and suppliers you can rely on.  You have support whenever you need it.

Are you new to the industry? Do you have some travel experience but could use a little more polish? Mentoring services are offered by caring, nurturing and vetted travel professionals.

A real human person is always available for support.  Speak to a live voice via phone. Meet at a local coffee shop, library, or workspace.  Get individualized and personal training.

For all travel independent contractors get the latest trends and updates from established suppliers.  There is no pressure ever to meet a monthly  sales goal.  It's your dedication and motivation that  increases your own bank account.

The Bye Bye Birdees business model is simple.  We are competitive. You get many of the same perks as some of the major agencies. Our difference, we will return your phone call when you need help. 

Training, consortia, CRM capabilities, Website customization plus more.

Our support systems include:

WESTA Consortia Affiliation
CCRA Membership

Business Coaching**
Business Support & Development
Familiarization Trips**
In-house Mentoring**
Marketing Support**
Sales Support
Social Media
Video Content Marketing**
Vendor Relations
IATAN & TRUE Accredited
Seeking enthusiastic, experienced, travel entrepreneurs who prefer a small host agency
Life, Health, Dental Insurance Referrals Available
One Agent per geographic area or city



Clean Background Check

Errors and Omission

Annual Fee


Note:  ** Starred services are fee based.  

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California Requirements for Independent Contractors

 As defined by the State of California Department of Industrial relations, not all workers are employees as they may be volunteers or independent contractors.  It is important to understand that independent contractors work as their own entities without supervision of an employer. Click the link below for more information.

Woman Owned/ Diversity Proactive Company