Beachside reunions

"Celebrate in a Destination"

 “The Easy Way to Celebrate in a Destination”

Does your impending reunion or celebration make you feel anxious? Have you done all your research, compiled all your information, and feel the whole process is too complex and overwhelming? Do you feel that there is just not enough time? 

The good news is:

  • You already have a great idea! You want to celebrate your event in another country.
  • You can utilize all of your research and information to make solid decisions
  • You will have spare time as soon as your plans are put into action

What if your event is completely scheduled and planned?

You will be able to look forward to being with your friends, family, and guests.  Think about the memories that you will create, relive and cherish in the years to come.   

Whether you choose a resort, villa, cruise ship or tour for your event you will make the right decision.  

Discover 3 important consulting process steps that will make planning your event better.  I have willing travel professionals on hand to personally help you create everlasting memories.

“The Easy Way to Celebrate in a Destination”

Celebrations & Milestone Events

You have the power to change your special event from ordinary to extraordinary.  

You have the ideas.  It’s time to start putting your plans into action.  

However, are you frustrated because you have so much material but don’t know where to start?  Maybe it is hard to get started because you have so many people who want to do things their way.  Imagine what it would be like if you could rely on a team of professionals to coach you even when something gets in your way.   Not only do you stay focused, but your group stays completely unaffected.  As you read every word of the following simple blueprint for the consulting process, you will discover quickly how to save yourself time and anguish from trying to plan your event alone.  

Part one-The Consultation- We recognize that conflicts happen that’s why we ask questions.

**”Remember the laughter we shared? The jokes we used to play? Remember the smell of Grandma’s kitchen? Our first dates? Or the tears on each other shoulders? The last fight we had? When we made up? I miss you and can’t wait to see you. **

Reunions and Celebrations are special.  

Notice we added the “last fight”.  It’s always hard to organize your ideas, thoughts and plans.  At this point, you are just trying to figure out how to bring everything together.  

However, what do you do when you have members of your group who clash?  This is when you feel that every ounce of research and all your hard work have been thrown into the wastebasket.  How do you handle the situation without losing your cool? Why are you getting together in the first place? All you want is to have a good time, correct?

The Consultation process is just not about how many people are going to your event or finding accommodations for everyone to come.  Be prepared to talk about situations that will arise.  Planning includes preparation for both good and bad situations. It is a study of the right elements to make your event a success.  Why should anyone ruin the fun for the whole group? 

Part Two-The Planning Process–Throw away the Cookie Cutter package. You always end up spending more $$$ anyway

Make your travel plans extraordinary

Take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

What is unique about your group or event?

Why is this event going to be memorable?

What kind of festivities does your group like?

When you think about these questions; really reflect on what you want to do.  Sticking with the basic cookie cutter packages never works.  Every group needs to add something to make their event memorable. Your event is much more than just being at the beach with a sunset backdrop or a list of amenities that a place has to offer.  We know that you want your group to be excited. Consider whether your group likes to party, drink, simply lounge by the pool, sightsee, or participate in some kind of sports activity such as golf, kayaking or snorkeling?  Add your special touch.  All things are flexible.  Send us your notes below on the Contact Form.


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